Case and bracelet material: stainless steel

Case diameter: 40 mm

Case back: transparent, screwed

Water resistance: 100 meter

Glass: Sapphire glass

Dial: black with luminous indices and hands

Movement: ETA 2824-2, automatic with date display

Delivery with wooden box and certificate

Production number engraved on the back of the watch


What do we - as BKDD - let ourselves be guided by?

What is a watch about?


The wristwatch has become an everyday companion for most people. For those for whom the watch is not just a means of measuring time, it has even become a beloved everyday companion. They establish an emotional relationship with the watch and regard it more as a work of art. Some, for example, love the aesthetics of the dial, some love the mechanics of the movement. This friendship can go as far as a passion for collecting. The fact that in recent decades watches have increasingly been regarded as investment objects has to do not only with rational things, but also with this emotional bond.


Great stories have made watches famous: the legendary example is the Rolex Oyster with its advertising person Mercedes Gleitze and the crossing of the English Channel on 07 October 1927. But everyone also associates personal history and stories with watches. Good watches have a long service life. For this reason alone, each individual experiences certain stories with his or her watch. Furthermore, thanks to their longevity, watches are often passed on as gifts or heirlooms - from one generation to the next. Watches are reminiscent of events and people. Last but not least, vintage watches are so popular because they are reminiscent of bygone times and because they have left "traces" - in the truest sense of the word.


Watches say a lot - whether you like it or not - about the personality of the person wearing them. Sports watches are not primarily or not only for athletes, but (also) for creative people and dreamers. And for those who already have a "normal" watch. Many wear their watches consciously, use them as jewellery, for men it is often the only piece of jewellery. Watches often also serve as prestige and status objects, promoted by the advertising effect of prominent personalities who wear a particular watch.

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Milestones of a lifestyle brand in the segment of high-quality wristwatches

BKDD was brought to life in August 2008 by Alex Millinger with the opening of one of the world's most successful Bang & Olufsen stores. BKDD was founded in Düsseldorf and after only a short time, with one of the main business focuses in China, quickly developed into a sought-after international interior design brand that also had renowned hotels and apartment buildings among its customers.

BKDD is a brand that stands for excellence in quality, technology and design. This is demonstrated by its history, but also by its future strategic orientation.


Exactly ten years after the company was founded, the decision was made to include wristwatches in the product range. What are the reasons?

  • Wristwatches are a lifestyle product and therefore fit in with our brand strategy.

  • High-quality, technically sophisticated and stylish watches are hardly to be found in the medium to lower price segment. We want to close this gap in the market and therefore offer watches that are durable, mechanical and timeless on the one hand, but which almost anyone can afford on the other.

  • Through the person of Oliver Kneerich, we can draw on thirty years of experience in the field of watches. He bought his first "real" wristwatch on April 26, 1988, it was a Patek Philippe Calatrava. Thus began a passion for high-quality watches, which has accompanied him to this day. We will use this industry and product knowledge - in the service of our customers.

  • We have B2B and B2C experience, as well as e-commerce experience. All this benefits our customers in the watch online business.

BKDD EIGHTY-8 will be the future name of our watch collection. The number "88" recalls both the time of foundation in August 2008 and the time when the decision was made to launch a watch collection: it was again August, but now ten years later - in 2018. The "88" also played a role in the purchase of Oliver Kneerich's first Patek Philippe watch.

The EIGHTY-8 AutDate watch is intended to lay the foundation for the company's own watch collection, which is to be successively developed further. We will only develop and include in our collection those watches that

  • fully meet the stricter Swiss Made requirements that came into force on 01.01.2017, and
  • have a mechanical winding (automatic watches, manually wound watches).
We take seriously what a watch stands for or should stand for. We know that we do not appeal to every customer with our range of watches. We only address customers for whom a wristwatch is more than just a timepiece.

We want our customers to
  • consider the watch made for them as a "friend", be it because of the fascinating mechanics, be it because of the classic design of the entire watch, be it because of the unusual dial.
  • The watch is a great way to experience stories with your watch or to let people experience stories by giving the watch away as a gift. We therefore pay attention to premium quality and longevity. A guarantee for this is, for example, the movement. For example, we have incorporated the Swiss movement ETA 2824-2 into the EIGHTY-8 AutDate, which is considered the only "armour" for the wrist joint in the world. This nickname is equivalent to a honorary name. Why? Because this movement is one of the most popular mechanical calibres due to its robustness, precision and reliability.
  • The watch is a movement that expresses the personality of its wearer. Mechanics and the Swiss seal of quality are therefore of fundamental importance to us. Our watches must also offer the perfect combination of style and functionality. This is what the EIGHTY-8 AutDate stands for. This is what our entire watch collection will stand for.
Let yourself be inspired by exciting watch designs and fascinating movement complications.

As BKDD, we are aware that we promise our customers high quality, design and value. We are confident that we will keep this promise. Many years of experience and expert know-how are the basis for this.

We are pleased with the interest shown by our customers and thank them for their trust.